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a-frame, agility, agility trials, airedale, akc, akita, alachua county, am. staffordshire, aussies, aust. shepherd, balls, barking, basset hound, beagle berense mountain, bichon frise, black lab, border collie, border collies, boston terrier boxer, brittany, bulldog, cairn terrier, canines, cavalier king charles, chew toys, chihuahua, chocolate lab, chow chow, cocker spaniel, collars, collie, corgi, corgis, dachshund, doberman pinscher, dog, dog agility, dog park, dog parks, dog training, dog walk, dog wood park, dogs, eating, forest park, french bulldog, gainesville, german s. hair pointer, german shepherd, golden retriever, great dane, greyhound, humane society, huskie, irish setter, irish wolfhound, jack russell terrier, jack russell terriers, jumps, keeshound, kongs, leashes, lhasa apso, maltese, man's best friend, mastiff, miniature pinscher, mixed breed dogs, mutts, nadac, newfoundland, northeast park, off leash, old english sheepdog, papillon, parks, pekingese, pet health, pets, playing catch, pomeranian, poodle port. water dog, pug, puppies, puppy, puppys, rawhide, responsible owners, retrieving, rhodesian ridgeback, rottweiler, running, s. coated wheaten, saint bernard, samoyed, schipperke, schnauzer, scottie, shar pei, shar tzu, sheltie, shelties, short hair pointer, squeaky toys, squirrel ridge, sticks, tennis balls, tire jump, treats, tunnel, usdaa, vaccinations, veterinarians, veterinary medicine, vizsah yellow lab, water, westie, yorkie weimaraner
Some rules I guess...

* Group is open to anyone
* Please try and keep it dog related
* Please LJ cut pictures and extra long posts
* if you have any problems/questions please email zaxxon32601 (at) yahoo . com

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